The key facts about what to do if an incident occurs

If an incident that may put the population in danger occurs at a Swiss nuclear power plant, a general alarm will be sounded. This is a regular rising and falling tone. The alarm will sound for one minute from stationary sirens and will be repeated once during the following five minutes. The general alarm is sounded twice:

  • The first alarm is the signal for the population to prepare for protective measures (e.g. prepare to go into the basement or to a shelter, ready their iodine tablets). 
  • The second alarm, which is sounded if the danger is more serious, is the signal for the population to implement the protective measures (e.g. go into the basement or to a shelter, take the iodine tablets).

What to do when the general alarm is sounded

  • Listen to the radio
  • As soon as the authorities issue the instruction: Ready your iodine tablets.
  • If you cannot find your tablets, ask your neighbour to give you some*.
  • Important: The tablets must not be taken until you are instructed to do so by the authorities. They lose their protective effect if they are taken too early.

* Every box of iodine tablets (potassium iodide 65 SERB tablets/potassium iodide 65 AApot tablets) contains two blister packs. You only need one blister pack (enough for 3 days) for each adult. The other pack is a reserve that you can use, for example, to provide assistance in your immediate neighbourhood.

Alertswiss app

Download the Alertswiss app! Alertswiss will alert, warn and inform you directly if an incident occurs.